Sunday, May 4, 2014

Strawberry Phone Case Review

The fit is amazing! And I love how protective and durable it is!
The camera hole is jutted out for protection as well as the power and sound buttons are covered! There is a little cut out for the sound to emit and it does not block the sound so don't worry about that. ^^
I ordered the rose color to the case but there is also options of pink, red, and green to choose from. ^O^ The rosy outer layer is a hard cover protection and the tannish color is a squishy case of silicone. I did not know that so just a heads up! > _ <
I love the tiny leaves as a final touch on it to look like a strawberry.

The only minor complaint I have is that I am not able to plug in my charger with the case on. But it's still super cute and definitely worth your dollar.♡

Comes for Samsung Galaxy s3, s4 & iPhone 4s, 5 
Buy here! : Amazon | Brave 

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  1. If I had a Iphone or whatever-awesome-phone-that-isn't-my-crappy-phone, I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THIS CASE! IT'S JUST SO CUTE! Seriously, I have never seen a phone case that was cute enough to make me actually desperately want a cool phone until now.

    P.S. And I am so glad that *you* are active, Delaney! I was getting a little worried :) If you left the blogosphere, it would explode. Okay, maybe it won't, but I might explode. So there.

  2. This is such a sweet phone case, Delaney! It reminds me of that strawberry from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (which I did see, after your excitement post about it, though sadly it didn't end up being a favourite, though that strawberry was very great) and if I had an iphone I would almost certainly get one, too! It's really neat!

    I'm so excited to see you're back! I had no idea and didn't even get a post notification, though maybe it'll come today. Still- SO EXCITED!

  3. yes yes! I love!! And I miss you blogging! ;)

  4. Aww, such a cute case!! And WELCOME BACK!! <3

  5. YAYAYAY YOU'RE BACK! And I do want that phone case hahah it's so cute. I know I've never met you, but from just telling from your blog I can tell it suits you!

    1. AWW TT ^ TT I thought no one would remember me and my blog so thank you so much you guys. I love you all<333

  6. That is just adorable! It is so cute!

  7. I love the strawberry case, it looks so yummy.


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