Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Things in Books That Make It or Break It

Thy Romance Shall Slay:
  • forbidden love
    • show me something good author
      • like I don't know
        • me getting into a emotional wreck 
        • why did you kill me with em feels!
          • I loved it!
    • don't show me a cliche
      • honey we get it, everyone's got boy trouble
  • love triangle
    • so your telling me I have to choose!
    • open your eyes!
      • of course the other dude is better!
        • he freaking watches anime!
Thy Structure Shall Fall:
  • the flashbacks
    • oh yes
      • telling me something so drastic I get a WTF moment 
        • later understanding what it's for
        • and it's so brilliant you don't give a damn
    • oh no 
      • telling me that she used to be a unicorn then doing nothing about that?
      • so she's going to turn into a unicorn soon enough
        • right?
  • starting chapters/ending chapters
    • them mini cliffhangers
      • I'm telling you, it's gotta work
Thy Scenes Shall Decompose:
  • the part where the enemy reveals his whole plan
    • why do you do that in the first place, man
      • it's not cool
  • suddenly saying a very dark secret
    • so you guys are on a daaate in Disneyland and now you bring it up!
    • wait so we are casting some dark magic and now you tell me!
    • so we are just sitting in your room and they just have to know
      • I see, I get it MC, I get it
  • the MC blabs about his/her problem
    • I just don't give a fuck
    • no baby I will protect you

Yeaah I know, authors are illusionist and they can either work that magic, or they can't.


  1. Lololol, Delaney! Loves this post. The tree structure just makes me wonder how the pretty thing called your brain works. <3 Forbidden love can be good... or very, very bad. Aaaargh, love triangle. I just hate it when the heroine ends up with the guy I don't root for. ;)

    Love the post, hun! Thanks for brightening up my day! :)

    PS: Thanks for the short story suggestion! YOU'RE SUCH A BIG HELP I WUV YOU. <3

  2. "don't show me a cliche" Yeah, please don't.
    "honey we get it, everyone's got boy trouble" lol
    "he freaking watches anime!" LOL
    sorry got distracted by the unicorn D:
    "authors are illusionist and they can either work that magic, or they can't." THIS.

  3. I loved that bit about the unicorn. Surely they will turn into a unicorn again at some point?! This is something I want to see happen in a book.

  4. Baha, love this! And it's quite accurate, a lot of these things bother me too. Unicorns FTW. That would be a book no one could complain was unoriginal xD Flashbacks are really hard to get right, IMO. Especially if they are overused, but sometimes they can be AWESOME!

  5. This is pretty much how I feel in a nutshell about a lot of stuff in YA. Either make or break it and authors seems to have a hard time making it, but the ones that do are pure gold.

  6. OMG Delaney haiiii xD
    This post is hilarious and so much feel there girl xD
    "honey we get it, everyone's got boy trouble" ◄ seriously this will be my favorite part forever.
    And I just got back to the blogosphere xD YAYY :3
    With a new blog :P

    So I hope you still remember mee, if you don't, it's okayyy :P
    Please check my blog out♥

    Have fun bloggin :)


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