Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monthly Recap: August

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ HAI THAR! You are looking lovely! What have you been doing differently?

Note: less posting. 

Besides school:
  • Marching band zero period--whoop whoop!
    • 5: 30 everyday anyone?
  • EVERYONE GO AND WATCH Hotarubi no Mori e 
      • DAT ENDING. TT ^ TT
    • Go. Just go. 
  • Just finished this book:
    • My favorite character (for any who read this): ALISTAIR. 
  • Had my first ever football game to play and just one word: HOT. 
      • not complaining but I loved it.
    • Oh and I might the only who sat there watching the game not knowing what the heck was happening.
I hope you had an amazing August! School?


  1. School started for me too. Good luck! And I haven't read The Name of the Star yet, but I REALLY want to ! I hope you have a lovely September!~

    Sydney @ Pika Pages

  2. School started for me as well..I need to read The Name of the sounds great! I hope you are having a good start to the year!

  3. Football starts late this year and I don't get to go to many football games this year.:( Are there subtitles for Hotarubi no Mori e? It looks interesting, but I don't speak Japanese so I wouldn't be able to watch it. School started for me, too! I hope your enjoying it.:) I read The Name of the Star and I thought it was pretty mediocre, but I liked it well enough.

  4. No school for me anymore... though I do miss it!! Pikachu I thought was in the pic above but I am WAY off! LOL!

  5. School is starting for me next week. I don't really like football.. I never have any idea what's going on and people just expect me understand and play. I'm just like, WTH IS GOING ON SO CONFUSED.. And I've never seen that anime but it looks pretty good. Your first time doing a recap, Delaney? I did one this month too!

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  6. Good luck at school, Delaney! Mine started two months ago and every day I'm getting busier and busier :s Sigh. I don't play many sports, except badminton. I have scene lots of football scenes on movies but I NEVER get it. The terms are soooo confusing!

  7. Despite school, your August sounds like it was great! :) I have one more precious day before I go back to school... usually I like lessons and stuff but I'm starting my GCSEs *shudder* so I don't wanna go back. I've been on holiday for most of August, and it's my blogoversary at the moment, but other that, I haven't done much this month! :D

  8. I feel like you live in the same state I'm in because that's how our whether is in Arizona xD Hot no matter what time of day it is, I always felt bad for the band and football players, especially at practice around 4pm, the hottest time of day. I hope you are having fun!

  9. LOL at your first football game! xD I've heard good things about The Name of the Star and it sounds creepily awesome, need to get to it soon! GRAAAH I'm not excited at all for school, but what can we do? *sighs* Hopefully September will be better :)

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  10. Love The Name of the Star!

    Um. I wouldn't even know where to begin with a football game. I once watched one with an American friend and it was just... I mean it was FABULOUS but what you have to understand is there is nothing like it in the UK. It's so dazzling and bizarre and the music and just wow. :)

  11. I never know what's happening in football games. I just can't keep up with rules and players easily :/ And yay for school (boo for the heat)! Are you liking your classes so far? Oh, and that anime movie has a manga for it! Just wanted to let you know...

  12. Glad to hear you liked The Name of the Star- I can't wait to read that one!
    The trailer looks interesting/a little scary- that mask is worrying me a touch. The animation is beautiful.

  13. What's with the mask? Did she grow up and he didn't? Is he MAGIC!!??
    I never know what's going on in football games either. They are fun to watch though. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon. It is fall... I guess. I started school too :/

  14. Oh, I'm fan of Yuki Midorikawa and Natsume Yuujinchou, and I loved Hotarubi no Mori too! Though it was a pretty sad anime...

    Good luck at school!!!


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