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Manga: Makai Ouji Devils and Realists

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists
by Madoka Takadono
Genres: Fantasy, Josei, Supernatural
Others: Anime [link here]
The noble William possesses a rare kind of intelligence. The school he attends and his family background both draw much attention. However, one day, his family loses money after his uncle's business fails. Worrying about how this would affect his school's reputation, he returns home to help the family butler search for things to sell. What they found was an underground room that had been used by William's ancestors. The room contains a magical seal, with which William unintentionally summons a demon. The demon, Dantalion tells William that has the ability to choose the king of the demon world! Naturally, the candidates for king will come after William...who will become king in the end?!
How could I not love gorgeous bishies, amazing art, and an all round enjoyable plot?
; D

This manga consists of William (that guy on the cover) and how he discovers that he is a living descendant of the great Solomon (also possessing his soul) and he is the only who can elect the next king when Lucifer goes into his sleep (A.K.A. dying).

So let's meet the main guys. There is William who is a realists, he thinks in scientific facts of mathematical formulas. There is Dantalion who is a candidate for begin a Substitute and he has ties of his past linked with Solomon, he's actually pretty mysterious. There's Sytry, another candidate who I swear looks like a GIRL! And lastly there is Issac who is William's friend, just your average Devil loving person.

In the beginning I actually did not know how much I would like this since it took a long time for William to accept the fact that Devils and Angels exist in this world. But even though it takes a while for him to accept that fact, it doesn't change that things still keep going in the Demon world and Angel world.

Everyone is kept a little mysterious so it makes you want to continue reading it. I also loved how it was set in a historical time period so it adds a more feel of everything happening. There are also some facts sprinkled around, so don't worry, lots of things will be explained gradually.

Why I also have to mention the hierarchy of the ranks in both the Angels and the Demons, because that was explained amazingly and the world built was fabulous, it made me just want to go and visit the places...well mostly the Demon world.

Oh, and did I mention that there are Angels and Demons involved?--how can I say anymore.

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  1. You need to stop doing manga reviews because my list is so long now ^^

    I'll have to be sure to remember this one because I couldn't find it on Goodreads. The artwork looks so good and sdfghjk it just sounds so amazing.

  2. Haha agree with Alise! My manga list is now long because of you and I already have a lot on my anime list O_O I'm liking the drawing style already!

  3. I'm actually watching the Makai Ouji anime! The anime is pretty good so far but William is still stubbornly a realist haha. I really like Sytry because he looks so girly and cute :3 He also eats cookies all the time!

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  4. This sounds interesting. I love the cover art for this book. It totally catches my eye! You got a new background and layout! I absolutely loveeeeeeeeee it! Your header is absolutely stunning! :)

  5. Wow, so many bishies!! Me likes. :P "just your average Devil loving person." LOL I wouldn't mind visiting this Demon world either :D

  6. It's GREAT you loved this one so much- manga set in a historical time period sounds absolutely excellent, and I've never read anything like that. All the ones I've read are modern day. I'm skeptical, however, on the point of whether I would like this one or not- I think the only thing that really intrigues me about this is the time period, the other things don't really grasp my attention, so for me it's a no. Glad you liked it, though!

  7. Yeah, just your average devil loving person... ??? lol.
    Sometimes it's better that the MC takes a long time to accept this new unusual reality because if he accepted it right away it wouldn't make any sense. It would be unrealistic.
    Yay! It's an anime too :D

  8. This actually kinda sorta reminds me of Pandora Hearts for some reason... Which means I will be reading it :D And, you know, those bishies are hard to resist, sooo. Yeah. I like bishies :P

    "Just your average Devil loving person."

    Delaney... This makes me wonder about the people you spend time with ;)


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