Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sunday Times (10)

OH HAI! And lovely Sunday to you! Welcome to The Sunday Times~Monthly Wrap-up Editions~
(it's a bass thing)

Yup, even Drumline has insiders. XD But, I just wanted to say...WE GOT 1ST IN FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh *sniff* I'm going to miss Drumline so much. 

But, anywho, I'm seriously so happy and yesterday was the best time of my life. And, not to mention... I'M SO SOWWY I HAVEN'T BEEN POSTING!!!! TT _ TT

But I came back just in time for my Wrap-Ups. ^^

Let's sees:
  • GRADUATION THEME: "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon"
    • I seriously wanted Up, Up, and Away as our theme
      • (reminds me of Up)
  • I'm having CST testing coming up TT _ TT
    • torturous tests that wraps up the whole year of what you've learned
      • oh I'm going to die
      • and hopefully get into 500 marks
    • I'm telling ya, you're missing out!
  • I've been reading lots of comics after Dracula
    • comics are my guilty pleasures > : D
      • oh and maybe I just want a break from such a heavy wholesome read
    • Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi
    • Dracula (All Action-Classics) by Michael Mucci
    • The Dreaming by Queenie Chan
      • ^ this is more manga actually but I'm going to count it XP

Question of the Day: What do you believe in?


  1. UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS.. sorry lol.. I blame the gif.. Ooh.. I read Amulet and I read it up to the latest book, I think? I really liked it! I need to pick up Karenval but I haven't had the time yet T__T And you're graduating? What grade are you in anyways?

    1. Don't worry, I blame the GIF too. XD I really want to read the 2nd book in the Amulet series but I can't find it at a library anywhere! DX GO PICK UP KARNEVAL!!!! IT'S WORTHY OF ANYONE'S TIME! Yes! I'm graduating, I am in 8th grade and I will be so sad to leave all my friends. TT _ TT

  2. GOOD JOB ON DRUMLINE Delaney!! And oh Lord, that gif! Our grad doesn't even have a theme, I think it's just gonna be us with our parents, then us partying! XD

    What a great and fun post, Delaney!

    -Grace :)

    1. THANK YOU!!!! *so happy* Haha, just had to share it! XDDD Well, it's just a theme for our speech and that's it. Mostly going to Splash (a water park) and DisneyLand. XD

      Thanks for stopping by Grace! ^^

  3. There's a Dracula comic? O.O I've been trying to get my hands on Karneval! Congrats on drumline! I always enjoyed my high school drumline :)

    1. There are at least 3 different versions that I know for Dracula comic adaptions. But I like the one I read the best because the others I didn't imagine the characters like that. XD Go read Karneval online or something (like I did) it's too good to pass up! Aww, thanks, Drumline is the best! <333

  4. Congrats on your pending graduation!

  5. Congratulations again!!! It's so awesome!

    I believe in unicorns and that I one day will become Batman! O:)

    1. THANKS AGAIN!!!

      Haha, I second that! :D

  6. I don't entirely know what drumline is, but congratulations on winning!
    I believe in a lot of things, one thing at the front for a few hours or days and then changing. It's mixed up and ocassionally non-sensical, whatever that means, but right now it's happiness.

    1. Drumline is like marching band but whole lot different. There is also instruments like the xylophone and auxiliary which consist of the background music and we make a show where batery (drums) march in formations and shapes called drill.

      Me too. Sometimes I would believe in something and the next I feel like i don't believe it anymore. Happiness is something to believe in.

    2. It's over a month since you replied to my comment but I really think that "Happiness is something to believe in." is incredibly quotable and beautiful and I wanted to tell you. Can I quote you?

    3. Yes you can, of course, just to remind you, you have to credit me. Freely use it, just credit. ^^


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