Monday, January 7, 2013

The Editing Train... (still on the journey)

the Train has excellent selection of food! ; D
A begin with, this train is not safe for children under 12.
This train is the journey of my editing.(and some breakdowns of it)

Please enjoy the ride and please keep all body parts inside the train.
Thank you. ^^

As I somewhat have promised last Monday (wait it was last Monday? *goes and checks back* it was last Monday!) I have made a map of where I am at for you and for me, myself, to see my progress on my editing. 

So here it is:
As you are smarter than me to see, I am currently on Chapter 13 out of 33 of my story Truths or Dares.
So let's see... 
- 13
Yay! 20 more chapter to go! : D

Well, I've been having a problem since the last week : I have been doubting myself whether or not to get the free copies after I'm finished editing. So, I guess I still am, but I'm still editing but with that thought in the back of my head all the same. 

So, can you please weigh the options of whether or not I should or shouldn't get the free copies and tell me in the comments? 



  1. Well you are doing great at getting through the editing so far. You can do it Delaney!
    Well I say go for it and it the free copies!

  2. You're doing awesome, Delaney! And definitely get the free copies, it'll be good memories!

    -Grace :)

    1. @ Jane : I am doing pretty good. (though I get side-tracked way to easy XP) Thank you for the feedback on my question! I've been thinking it over and I guess I would take them! : D

      @ Grace : It would make great memories! And I'll look back one year, and see how far I've gone. (and how terrible my writing used to be XD)

      Thank you both for your continuous support in whatever shenanigans I do! <3 Love and books to you both. ^ v ^


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