Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jellicoe Road

by Melina Marchetta
Pages: 422
Format: Paperback
Year pub: 2010
Publisher: Harper Teen
In this lyrical, absorbing, award-winning novel, nothing is as it seems, and every clue leads to more questions.

At age eleven, Taylor Markham was abandoned by her mother. At fourteen, she ran away from her boarding school, only to be tracked down and brought back by a mysterious stranger. Now seventeen, Taylor's the reluctant leader of her school's underground community, where annual territory war with the Townies and visiting Cadets has just begun. This year, though, the Cadets are led by Jonah Griggs, and Taylor can't avoid his intense gaze for long. To make matters worse, Hannah, the one adult Taylor trusts, has disappeared. But if Taylor can piece together the clues Hannah left behind, the truth she uncovers might not just settle her past, but also change her future.
I cried. If you know, I'm a robot of a person and I don't cry on books. But this one, I did. The very essence of just everything...everything, Marchetta just, she just wraps it all up just, beautifully. So beautifully, you feel like you can't breathe unless there is something more to hold on to.

Jellicoe Road is not meant to be given anything except one thing. It is meant to be read. That's it. That's what kills me. That's what makes me feel like I have no life after reading a book. It's what makes me smile. What makes me laugh. What makes me cry. What makes me sad. What makes me bubbly. What makes me so fucking pissed off at the world. It's everything.

" A place on the Jellicoe Road. " 

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  1. I've been wanting to read this for so, so long! I know it's a tearjerker and that's why I was initially drawn to it. Very powerful review!

  2. Wow seems like a great book! Thanks so much for following and your 2 comments that literally made my day. I have followed your awesome blog and can't wait to see what's in store next. Love your rating and profile pics, too cute :D

    1. Hi There,
      Thanks for your comment :D
      Happy Blogging
      - Pink Lady 631 @ A Sunny Spot

  3. Great review! I'm so curious about this book now! And I've heard some great things about Saving Francesca, so I think I need to check this out!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm a new follower as well - looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. Hey! Just followed you awesome blog! Please please please follow my blog! It would absolutely make my day! Thanks! :)

    Gabriella xx

  5. I love your review! This book looks so good. :)

  6. Wow, sounds like this book really moved you! I'm one of those soppy people who just cries at everything, so I'll probably definitely need a whole box of tissues on hand when I read this! ;)

    Catherine @ The Book Parade

  7. This book totally shook me to the core too, I think I was quite incoherent afterwards, but this book is just so beautiful. It definitely encouraged me to pick up more of Marchetta's books asap! :)

  8. Your review may have only been two short paragraphs, but it definitely made a huge impact. Seems like a book that cannot be described with words.

    Amazing review, Delaney!

    -Grace :)

  9. Another Marchetta convert! Oh, it's a magnificent book, huh? There was something in it that really upset me (the cat :( ) but... it's just... oh, it's beauty and pain and life all wrapped up together into something magical, huh? ♥

  10. I've heard amazing things about this one and I'm so glad to see that you enjoyed it! I really do need to read one of her books! Brilliant review.

    Alex @ Possession of Books

  11. Sooo glad you loved this and I am not surprised you cried :)

  12. Glad to hear that it moved you! I haven't read this one yet.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  13. Love your review! I know exactly what you mean- I don't often cry because of books, but this one practically had me bawling!

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! New follower :)

  14. I have to read this. Any book that can make a robot cry is well worth a try! Seriously though, I have heard some amazing things about it. Thanks for the great review.


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