Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Food Love: Leftovers

Since, there might still be Thanksgiving food stuffed in your fridge, and Christmas food in there somewhere, and maybe other leftovers before Thanksgiving and there might some from somewhere else too, along those lines.

Your fridge might look like this:
wait is that some Hummus  dip? I've been craving that!
And you must be like this:

Oh, well, maybe it's just me. XD

But, even if I'm still sluggish from holiday food still in my system, I would sometimes still want some turkey or stuffing or something else... Have no fear! Leftovers is.... still there. Oh, now let's panic.  

I love leftovers. Cause sometimes if you don't want to eat whatever your mom cooks then you get to eat these things. Though, be careful children, they might be rotten or spoiled up already.  : []  
> : )


  1. I probably live on left overs. Can you believe I found humus dip in my fridge? Along with some Pita bread. I'm good to go for today :D

    Kaina @ These Flying Pages

  2. Love leftovers! I have them for lunch everyday! You always have super adorable pictures to go along your post!

    -Grace :)

  3. Hah cute post Delaney, we have so much food left over from Christmas too, but mostly its loads of desserts and biscuit boxes! Not that I;m complaining ;)

  4. I don't really like leftovers, the word itself doesn't sound nice but everything in the fridge looks great!

  5. If I didn't have leftovers I wouldn't be me. I'd starve actually. Hey I'm from good reads and I followed you blog could you follow back?


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