Friday, January 11, 2013

Fictional Boys (cause everything's better in books) vs. (the set back) REAL Boys

What type of boys that make me gush for them?
  • adorable > ///// <
    • he gets awkwardly shy
    • he blushes
    • he has a hard time saying anything embarrassing in someway  
  • has character/personality 
    • he has a backstory to him
      • no "perfect life"
      • he doesn't make everything seem easy
        • and he certainly makes it hard
    • be himself
      • and that doesn't mean he acts like a gang-sta, yo
  • NERDY!
    • ( . _ . )/ NERDS UNITE! \( . _ . )
    • I mean--ehem--you don't need to be nerdy but, you know, go and read something
      • and write poems or something
Fictional Guys (the ones only in books ( ; v ; )
  • Types
    • nerdy (notice how it's the first one on this list XD )
      • studies
      • tutor
      • knows his stuff
      • awkward 
      • may or may not have another secret identity (hmm...)
    • athletic
      • buff
      • works out
      • whoop zombies, vampires, or whatever the hell you got
    • loner
      • TT _ TT
    • guy best friend
      • childhood friend
        • the best kind out there <3
  • Ways of acting
    • intense
    • hinting at things
    • bottle up things
    • do nice things for no reason
    • : ) 
  • Full of personalities! 
    • snides/smirks
    • mean (but is actual nice)
    • party person
    • laid back/casual
    • teddy bear
      • sweet
      • you just want to hug him 
      • feel sorry for them
    • they're awesome 
  • Appealment status?
    • 50% - 100%
      • you, know, cause they are fictional guys
REAL Boys (the ones that are just BOYS)
  • Types
    • hormonaly
      • pretty gross at times
        • and pretty freaky too
      • straaaannngeee
    • nerdy
      • shy
        • don't talk to girls
          • much
      • reeaaaally smart
      • care for their grades
      • talks nerd-talk
    • athletic
      • act stupid
      • care for how they look
      • want girls to flock around them
      • obnoxious
    • cholo
      • acts like a gang-sta, yo
      • swag
      • needs to get a belt (saggy pants)
      • acts cool
        • "out-there" peoples
      • speak gang-sta (maybe?)
  • Ways of acting 
    • acts like girls (playfully or not)
    • joke around...a lot
    • They're just BOYS
      • you got no definition of how they work in this world
  • Full of personalities!
    • goof-balls
    • perverted
    • outspoken
    • confident
    • nice
      • however you take as them being nice
    • immature
    • loner/silent
  • Appealment status?
    • 0% - 15%
      • give or take for guys out there who are pretty nice 

I mean, come on, haven't you all got a crush on some fictional boy(s)? Aren't they the best? Seriously.


  1. I completely agree. Fictional boys are so much better! They are all so swoon worthy! And yes, nerds are the way forward! John Green (that absolute legend) writes books with all these nerdy boys who are actually really cool. Like Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars... I mean, WOW! When people say 'there are plenty more fish in the sea', I just think: yeah, but there are wayyyy more in books! :) Great post!

  2. OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS! And so very very true. But that is the POINT of fictional boys - to be better than real boys. If I was making up a fictional boy as the lead of the story, I sure as shit wouldn't make him the same as or worse than real life! And the worst part is, I do have a really weird fictional crush but it's not anybody from Twilight... not anybody from a book, period.

    Your picture signature is the cutest thing ever ever ever, Delaney.

  3. LOVE this post! Definitely true, I was actually picturing some people I knew and this described them perfectly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog-Hope to see you on the hop!

  4. Gah this is so adorable and cute and funny! And true. I was actually just wondering when you were going to do another bullet point post, and here it is! I love how your writing flows so naturally, even when some are not even sentences!

    Awesome post, Delaney!

    -Grace :)

    1. @Ruby : Haha, yes, nerdy boys, you have officially (somewhat) convinced me to have another reason to check out The Fault in Our Stars. XD Everything's just better in books, aren't they? It wouldn't be awesome if they aren't.

      @Pink Lady : Thank you for reading the post!

      @Star : Duh! Of course they would have to be BETTER in books! It's a no brainer. No worries, every book nerdy girl has a crush on at least one fictional crush. XD Thank you for loving my signature, I love it tooooo. :D

      @Alise : Haha, thank you for loving it! I will try to see if I have time to your hop! ^^

      @Grace: Aww, thank you Grace. > //// < Yes, I haven't done one in so long, I actually missed doing these, just school and I've just been lacking for everything. T ^ T What are you talking about my writing? Yours is definitely the flowing one. :D

  5. Oh My Gosh fictional guys are so much better, I mean come on why can't real guys be nerdy and read books, and actually talk about them. I could make a list of all the amazing fictional guys I've fallen in love with! Some of them are Alex from Delirium, Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars, Montgomery from The Madman's Daughter, and there are even more. I LOVE fictional guys! :D
    Amazing post!

  6. This is SUCH a CUTE post. :) There are sooo many boys I have crushes on that are fictional. Perry from Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. :D

  7. This is so adorable!!! OMG, if boys in books could be real, I would seriously die from happiness. Most of the real boys are, like you said in your post, annoying/stupid/just blegh!! I have only met one boy so far at my school who is like the fictional guys!!! (shy, nerdy, kinda awkward, really adorable) but the rest of 'em are ughhhhh!! AWESOME post!!!!

  8. I loved this post! It is so cute, and funny, and SO TRUE!

  9. This post is just adorbs ^^ If I could jump inside a contemporary romance novel I would.

    1. @Jane : I want real guys to be nerdy and read book and talk about them too. It's depressing because it's just a small percentage of guys out there who reads. Like 3%. T ^ T . I LOVE FICTIONAL GUYS TOO!!!! > //// <

      @Abby : Thank you thinking it's cute! ^^ Oo, Perrry, I don't know how he is like, but his exotic sounding name makes him seem to hugzables. XD

      @Annabel : I would do the same thing. I would melt first then I would die. And then I'll find a way to revive and then go and try to make them like me. > v < No kidding! Just, BOYS are BOYS, right?

      @Sydney : > _ < Thank you.

      @Lottie : Now that's an idea I'm waiting for the scientist to make possible. XD

  10. I love these, they really are funny and have a good sense of humor! :)

  11. Hey, I love your blog, I recommended you for the Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blog for more intimation :

    1. @Alisa : That's why I will continue writing them! They are both fun to write and I guess it's very fun to read as well! XD

      @Inna : Thank you for loving my blog! <3 Oh, thank you very much for the Award! ^^

  12. LOL, let me just print this out for reference... :D Love this!

  13. Yay! So glad you liked my blog! I can't wait to become good blog friends :) I friended you on goodreads. And by the way, this is adorable! Haha I love Fictional boys SOOO much better, it's barely even a comparison.

    Raindrop Reads

  14. You've been nominated!

  15. I probably got a crush on most fictional boys O__O Like dude, I got it bad haha! Ugh.. there's no one good-looking class so it can't really be helped. All my friends wish for either a handsome or gay boy next year lol! All the boys in my class are really nice and funny (sometimes perverted to the extreme). But I love them all as a family anyways!! Sometimes I wanna slap them when they get too annoying though.. We all love each other as friends and that's how we do it!

    ^^Does my class seem too fairytale-like, maybe? Where everyone gets along haha. I'm grateful for my class.. But seriously, an attractive boy can't hurt, right?

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

    1. @Charlene : Haha, note to self, I see! XD

      @Maggie : Of course I love your blog! The design is so pwetty * _ * . Oh, I've accepted your friend-ment-thingie! Fictional are the guilty pleasures.

      @Natali : Thanks for the nominate!

      @Ariella : Haha, you and me both! Though I am not taking a liking to buff paranormal guys. :P Haha, I do have good-looking ones, but they are jerks, or just, too out-there, I just, don't see for their looks anymore. XD I really want to punch them sometime, me and my friend are planning the attack....

      Yes! Your class sounds very manga-esque! XD It reminds me of in elementary school, my class used to be like that, but now in Jr. High, it's very different. D: No, I guess one wouldn't hurt. :D

  16. Hello,

    We've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award- you can see our post here:

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