Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nanowrimo - An Interview with the Ranterer (by Bun)

An Intro on Bun:

Hi, I'm Bun, I usually lie down at the bottom of the Ranterer's posts, like on book reviews I hang down there, or when she's done writing a post, she would stick me down there next to her name. So, since she's got no one else, I'm interviewing her, don't expect unicorns like me to be all cheerful, I just like acting cute.

And don't expect me to be lured by--Ooo! CANDY!!! AND IT'S IN RAINBOW COLORS!!!
Delaney: Didn't you see that?! I WON!!! Woo-hoo, I can't believe it, I STILL CAN'T!!!
Bun: Yeah, congrats. I can't believe you called me to interview you. 
Delaney: Thank you! There are so many people who encouraged me throughout the whoooole way.
Bun: Oh, here we go again. [eye roll]
Delaney: There's my older sister. There's Fari, my goodreads friend, who was in Nano as well.  Clara from Read 'n' Write who stopped me from quitting and also was participating. Lottie at La Lovely story reviews. Jane at The Perks of Being a Bookworm. And--
Bun: Okay, yeah, I get it, and I think those reading this get it that you couldn't do this without a lot of support.
Delaney: I object! I could have but their motivation kept me going! Oh, yeah, and Grace at The Humble Watermelon. [smiles at me (Bun)]
Bun: So what am I supposed to ask you?
Delaney: Aren't unicorns suposed to be cheerful?
Bun: That makes it so that Easter Bunnies have to have chocolate eggs and Santa has to be fat. 

Delaney: Well, yeah.
Bun: [sighs] No, because not all unicorns are like that.
Delaney: Like what?
Bun: Never mind.
Delaney: Okay.
Bun: So, tell me, how was your experience about writing?
Delaney: I actually finished already, but I still needed words and then. Hey!--I thought you said you didn't want to talk about that.
Bun: Oh, yeah. But, whatever. [shrug]
Delaney: See it's not so bad. Here, I got something to cheer you up!
Bun: No, way, that's not going to make me any less happier. Wait--is that gummy bears or is it gummy worms?
Delaney: Both, here.
[she hands me a bag of candy]
Bun: Well, you're not too shabby [in between handfuls of munching on bears and worms] of picking...mmm...I like the blue and pink one!
Delaney: See! You are a unicorn at heart.
Bun: Yeah, yeah. So, now that that's through, how did your experience of things at Nano do to you now?
Delaney: Well...I was somewhat of a writer and write occasionally (mostly for school) and have so many ideas but I never really put them down on the paper, get me?
Bun: Mmhmm [munch, munch], just continue on.
Delaney: But I would take a long time before I wrote, I had to have "the mood" before I could write if not it just came out crap. But I was unsure whether to do Nano or not, and the day before, right the day before, October 31, I signed up, I was committed to do this for myself and only for myself. I was on path for most, but then, halfway through, I was convinced that I should just go at my own pace, and then I got behind and Clara told me to keep going and it just made me push myself more. I kept going, even when I thought I barely would make it. I imagined myself doing this marathon and all those people who are standing up top, waiting and cheering me on, so I kept fighting on, AND I DID IT!!!!! I DID IT, Bun!!!!
Bun: You, know, I kind of got the memo.
Delaney: Ahh, it's just, I just feel so happy for myself. That I can write something in one month. I did it!
Bun: [starts clapping] Okay, now we are done, right? You have another bag?
Delaney: Yeah, yeah, sheesh. [hands me another bag of gummy worms and bears]
Bun: That will be it, from me, Bun, who might come more often whether Delaney lets me, sucks I can't have my own blog. Congrats to all those who participated in Nano even if you didn't win or you did. Raaaaiinbooowsss!!!!


  1. That is officially the most epic and awesome interview in the history of interviews! Bun is quite a peculiar- and distracted- interviewer ;)

    Again, congrats on winning Nanowrimo! I can tell that it takes a lot of will, devotion, and time! But it must've of been a fantastic experience!

    -Grace :)

  2. Wait... YOU WIN??
    OMG CONGRATS Delaney! Yipeeee! *throws confetti, gummy bears, and rainbows*
    That's very awesome of you! <3 And me loving this interview! Well, hello there, Bun! You're very snarky and cute! I don't know how but the odd combination works out wonderfully for you! ;)
    Congrats, hun! So proud of you! <3 I can't imagine how hard it must be - but YOU DID IT! YAYYY!!! <3 x)

  3. I didn't know I helped but thanks and you did AWESOME BY FINISHING!!
    -Jane :D

  4. that is awesome, Delaney!!!!! OMG I am so happy for you! and I loved that interview, Bun is one of the most personality-full interviewers evaaaa! Anyway, that. is. soo. cool that you won and i'm extremely happy for you! (I already said that, didn't i?? Oh well i'm just going to keep on repeating it 'cause it's true!) I love your sense of humor! no wonder you won, your writing is ammmmaaazzzziiiinnnggg! Well, keep on writing!!!!!

    <3 Annie :)))

  5. Oh, Bun...can I hug you? I am glad that I was able to keep you motivated :D But you are the one who wrote all those words! You are FANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTIC!

  6. Haha... This is adorable! I want to meet Bun:D

    1. Thank you, you guys!!! XDDD I'm glad you <3 Bun, he would be happy to hear that! XD Though, I think he's still eating candy....somewhere...XD.


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