Thursday, December 27, 2012

Manga: Ai Kara Hajimaru

Ai Kara Hajimaru
by Yukimaru Moe
Status: Completed
Others: N/A
Sakura Ai, had her first love on Tokuzawa Taiyou during her elementary years. When the sweet and gentle Tokuzawa-kun transferred to another school causing Ai-chan to have a funny nickname "Granny Ai" when he left, Ai-chan tried to forget about him. But fate never gave up even when she was in high school! While Ai-chan went to her garden of sunflowers by the pool in the school, she found a phone lying on the ground. When she knew that it was Tokuzawa-kun's, she left it on the ground and ran away, knowing that the kind Tokuzawa-kun she used to know during childhood is now a frank tough delinquent, would her love for him bloom again? 
This manga, oh, it's too adorable! > ///

Ai is our main character who loves watering her sunflowers and watching them grow. She also has a deep crush on Taiyou since she was younger, but that crush got shattered. Taiyou is a bad boy who loves his grandma and is a very sweet boy when it comes down to it. 

This one is just the perfect manga for any shoujo lover because it's absolutely adorable and there was a chapter (an extra chapter I think) that was so hilarious. 

It's a very sweet yet short manga so I kinda moped when it was over because it was so adorable. > _ <

But it's a wonderful manga and definitely something summer-y sweet. 

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  1. I will have to check this out it sounds adorable :D

  2. Sounds cute. I think I might check it out.^_^

  3. This looks really cute!!! totally going to check this out! :D

  4. Awww, this sounds so cute ^^ I can't get Enma Ai from Hell Girl out of my head even though the Ai in this manga looks nothing like her...

  5. This manga IS cute. Super adorable as you said, it just makes us feel all fluffy ahahah

  6. This sounds adorable!! The drawing is really cute too so I'll definitely check this one out! I'm a manga lover too :)

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words


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