Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quoting for the Love of "Quotes"

Before I start with the quotes that I've picked out (and, yes, there are still many out there in the world, duh) Clara over at Read 'n' Write does wonderful quotes I think every Wednesday? Correct me if I'm wrong or something. So I copied the idea of doing one post of quotes (which, I know, is a bad idea).

What's your favorite quote?


  1. I love all of these. Very inspirational quotes.

  2. I love them all but my favourite is probably the one that has the Eiffel Tower in the picture (sorry I am too lazy to write out the quote)

  3. Last one is funny! XD Where did you get them from?

  4. I love this post! Awesome quotes. :)

    ~Annie (at Leopard Kitty Girl Books)

  5. I love the Peter Pan quote! It's very adorable. :') And I'm in love with the quotes that you posted Delaney! They are all very cute. I think my favorite quote right now is from The Fault in Our Stars: 'My words are stars that I can't fathom into constellations'. How I wish that I could write beautiful words like so many people have easily achieved. :')

    Thank you for sharing, hun! <3 x)

  6. Amazing! I love them all. The quote from Peter Pan especially. It's lovely!

  7. Those are all really cool quotes! I love the last one!

  8. The first one: AWWWWWW...
    Second one: *stares* PWETTY..

    ~Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  9. I was wondering where all the new readers were coming from. Thanks for linking me!!

    My favorite quote is the one about how I am very hard to talk to. I personally have a wall up when I'm talking to new people. People usually move on, but then there are people that try to take that wall down. Those are the people that I know care. :D


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