Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here Comes K-Pop Back into my Life

What's so Awesome about K-Pop (Korean pop)?
  • Ha! I don't know, cause I don't understand what the heck they're saying?
    • No
  • Cause their sing's good and they have awesome dance moves?
    • Yes
  • Their lyrics aren't trashy as E-pop (ha--get it?-- English pop? XD I'm so corny)?
    • Yes
  • They're just a bunch of Koreans singing with auto tune?
    • Nopedy nope
  • Then why?! TELL MEEEE!!!!
    • Cause their pretty awesome. 
      • Just saying, you know, in my opinion
        • I'm not saying E-pop is bad
        • both are very good
        • but sometimes you'd want to listen to something else just for a change :)
  • True statement: the dance moves they do are gush worthy
    • I never get bored of looking at them dance!
      • That says something
P.S. Don't call the boy bands an Asian version of One Direction, please, then I'll give you free cake and not bite off your hand. :)

Some K-Pop bands I know/listen
  • SHINee
    • a boy band
      • my go to listening band 
        • YAY! > . <
        • (more info below attached with fangirling)
  • Big Bang
    • boy band
    • Sunset Glow 
      • one of some I first heard > __ <
  • Girls' Generation
  • 2NE1
    • they were the first to get me into K-pop! ^^
  • Super Junior
  • MBlaq
    • my friend recommended and I listened to two songs by them
      • Mona Lisa
      • and This is War <--really sad music video TT__TT
          • And I think that's it cause I barely listen to it
Well, Here Comes the Fangirling!
  • SHINee!!!!
    • What's up with them?
  • Down the basics:
    • they're a boy band
    • with awesome dance moves
    • their song Amigo was my first song I heard by them
  • Their songs have deep meaning in it
    • More like the word it very poetically
      • if you get around to looking up it's English translation
  • Hey, better than E-pop now a days, ehh?
    • yes, so much. XD
  • Check these songs, like ASAP! cause they're the ones I love!!!

CHECK ALL THOSE SONGS I LINKED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333


  1. Gee gee gee gee gee baby baby...

    Bet you can guess which one is that ;) Lol, anyways, awesome post! I have this friend that is obsessed with K-Pop, and a while back she couldn't stop listening to Electric Shock... I don't mind K-Pop, although, sometimes they can be pretty cheesy :)

    -Grace :)

  2. I like Gee by Girls Generation. It's addicting!

  3. You know I had never listened to Korean Pop until recently..and I know I am the last person to have heard of this but the video for 'Gangnam Style' is HILARIOUS..I mean he is pretending to ride on an invisible horse ROFL!! Anyway, the point is I need to listen to more :)

    1. I was literally laughing the whole entire time. It's too funny! And then my older looked at me after the song was over and then she was like, "Yup that's your world with Gangnam Style." XD

  4. I love K-pop too :) This is bad though... I had kind of forgotten it existed and now I'm seized with the urge to put some on and dance!

  5. I love K-Pop as well! My fave boy band is Big Bang! Wahooo!! :)

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  6. Does Gangnam Style count? I think that might be the only Korean song I know. I'm not really into Pop music! Not even E-pop, as you call it. ;) I'll definitely check out some of those recs though.

  7. They are SO not asian versions of 1D! I mean, for one thing, they've been around way longer, and... :D

    Hehehe! Love this post ♥

  8. I have no idea about what k-pop are, but I want cake <3 Is Gangnam Style k-pop? Huu, I have never heard the full version of that song, maybe because I really dislike it...

    Anyway, I love Japanese music ^^

    1. Haha i haven't listened to any Japanese music but Gangnam Style does consider as K-Pop except I think older music like SHINee and stuff is way better than that song. XP

    2. Great! Then I will check those songs out :D

  9. Oh my gosh I loooove K-Pop! And I love Super Junior, Shinee, and Girls Generation! Although I think my favorite Korean boyband is Super Junior, because somehow I just fall in love with Leeteuk (the leader). <3 And you're right, Delaney, they have the coolest moves ever! I can't ever dance like them since I'm so awkward. I'm just going to hurt myself LOL! xD

    Adorable post as ever, hun! <3

  10. RING ding dong ring ding dong ring digading-digading~ding~ding!! OMG, epic post! <3 I absolutely LOVE SHINee! They're the only boy group that I know each member by name ^o^ SNSD too! My first K-POP song was (generic, I know) Gee XD Thanks for sharing this with us! Hopefully, many new people will discover K-Pop! (and seriously, not just because of Gangnam Style -_-)

  11. Hey Delaney,
    Joshie here!!! Ya know I love k-pop, but it's ashame my computer's shut down. =( xx

  12. I'm a HUGE fan of E-pop! To be honest, I don't see what the fuss about all these Korean bands is. I have a couple of friends who are trying to 'brainwash' me, and so far it isn't working. XD I agree, though, that they have some cool dance moves and catchy tunes. :P

  13. This is crazy... I've finally met a fellow blogger who loves K-Pop!!!! Whoopeee!!!!!!!!

    I have no idea what they are singing but the tunes and the dance moves are enough to win me over! Ohmigosh, SHInee <333 I love their songs Lucifer and Quasimodo <3 I like Super Junior too and Girl's Genreation are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing <3


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