Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Love: Cotton Candy


Remember those childhood memories when you went to a carnival or a fair and you saw this bag with a stick coming out of it with fluffy pink and blue colors and it looked just like a gigantic cotton on a stick? 

Then you went and asked your parents if you can have one. Obviously they didn't know that you didn't know what it was. But when you got a hold of it, it was so fluffy. It was cotton! But you can eat it? 

Remember that first daring piece popped in your mouth, and then it just dissolved. Where did it go? You just kept on eating it and eating it until it was gone and you wanted another but you couldn't because you're parents said it was bad for you. 

Remember that memory? Of soft clouds that you can eat? Of different colors and different flavors and the wonders of how they made it.

Yup, oh Cotton Candy.

Another one please, sir! 

What was your fair/carnival memories?


  1. I love cotton candy too! These pictures of it are so colorful and pretty. I always loved seeing the baby animals at carnival in the farm section. Thanks for sharing Delaney. :)

  2. When i saw the post title i was like: "oh, yeah!" I love cotton candy! :)

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  3. Huh. Well, no one can resist the lure of cotton candy. *high fives*

    You, my friend, you have very good taste.

    Kaede @ Wake Up at Seven

  4. Oh gosh... I want cotton candy now xD Thats the bad thing about reading these post I always get hungry

    Kaina @ These Flying Pages

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