Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Blog? Let Me Tell Ya, Darlin'

Me #2 : Blog?
  • Original Me : Oh, yes
Me #2 : Why?
  • Original me: *clears throat and starts with a mysterious tone*

The ways that rock in blogging :
  • Interaction
    • not in a weird way
      • but cyberly
  • Expressing yourself
    • give your say in things that you:
      • hate
      • like
      • love
      • punch
      • hug
      • obsess
    • your own voice
      • nothing better than that
      • everyone is different
        • with different personalities
  • It's flipping awesome!
    • FUN!
    • FUN flipping fun!!
    • FUN flipping freaking fun!!!
    • okay you get me
Cyber-"Interaction" kekekeke:
  • making friends!
  • the small but large blogging community
    • that's still growing!
  • commenting on other peoples blogs
    • oh, I love doing that <3
  • seeing other peoples activities
    • what they post
    • how they are like
      • (their voice)
    • what their blog looks like
      • and marvel and the wonderful designs XP
  • it's all very wonderful ^_^
Expressing yourself to fit as you are:
  • add your own taste to your blog
    • do what you want 
      • this is your blog, after all
  • if you have an opinion on something?
    • then express it
      • who said you have to be forced to like something?
      • everyone's different!
        • take note on that 
  • last touch?
    • YOU
    • blogging is now in your hands


  1. Fantastic post Delaney! You just have the best points! I always enjoy reading your posts a lot!

    -Grace :)

  2. Hey there! I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! To learn more, just clicky here:

  3. I really love these posts! :) Very cool!

  4. Great post! I totally agree, blogging is flipping awesome! :) I love that we can share what we thought about books and read others' as well.


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