Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sunday Times (3)

Hello and lovely Sunday to you! Welcome to The Sunday Times ~Every Sunday making its way~

Welcome to the Garden of Fools
Actual News--Like literally (OMG!)
  1. If you haven't seen already from the previous post I posted on Tuesday this week, then yes, just open another tab, and read it cause get what, Epicers? (I just thought of that out of the top of my head XP) IT WAS MY FLIPPING BIRTHDAY! Thanks so much for the lovely comments! > . <
  2. The day after (Wednesday) was my Drumline audition for Marching Bass drum (yes my lovely bass drum I did last year as well. GO 2ND BASS!) and it wasn't so bad. Hopefully I get in again cause I <3 Drumline. :D
  3. On Friday as celebration (since Tuesday we're busy) we went out to watch Nemo! In 3D! Yay! Such a blast and a bomb even if did make me want to cry in the beginning and was very calming! XD

What's Up, Delaney, in your Reading?!
Everyone around the blogging has their excuses well, mine are because everyday of school is like this: Wake up! School! Go home and do homework! Shower/eat/all that jazz! Sleep! Repeat! 

Hmm, so what about weekends? I spend it on commenting on other people's blog and since I'm reading a book that is a definite 3 stars already, it's slow for me to read it. :P 

Oh, right! What exactly I'm reading is The Queen of Kentucky a very "trying to figure out your place in High School" book. With a very cliche "boy next door goes thrown under the bus until later". Hopefully it might throw me a curve? Yes, so after I'll get a review soon up and you can look forward to that. Or not. Whatever you prefer. 

So Yes...
That will be the oh so wonderful things going in the Ranterer's life. XD 
And as my Star Wars nerd Social Studies teacher last year said, 
"May the force be with you."

Oh, fine, here are some links (oh yes they may look the same but once you click them, they're not >:)


  1. Haha! Oh I love the links ;) And I hope you are also having a lovely Sunday!

    -Grace :)

  2. Wow, great post and awesome links. Also love the little picture! :)
    Alex @ Possession of Books

    1. @Alex & Grace: I'm glad you loved the post and I'm glad you like the links. XD I had fun typing them! XD

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Delaney! Sorry I missed it. Hope you make drum line again:D

  4. Oh school eats up so much time. Work eats up all my time that I want to use for reading. I love that your Social Studies teacher is a Star Wars nerd! I'm sort of one (very mildly so, though) but I did watch them quite a few times because they were the hot thing when I was little. Hope you did well with your drumline audition. :)


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