Sunday, September 16, 2012

Manga: Hana-Kimi

by Hisaya Nakajo
Status: Completed
At age thirteen, Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl growing up in America, saw Izumi Sano high jump on TV for the first time. Amazed by his grace, Mizuki quickly became a huge fan of Sano's. Three years later, high-school age Mizuki decides to return to Japan so that a dream of hers might come true: to see Sano jump in person. Mizuki even goes so far as to transfer into Sano's school, in hopes of being closer to him. Mizuki's wish is granted, and she becomes Sano's roommate. There are two problems, however: Sano has quit the high jump, and he attends an all-boys school, meaning Mizuki now has to disguise herself as a boy morning, noon and night, even in her own room! Unknown to Mizuki, however, Sano finds out her secret fairly quickly, and now a strange feeling has come over the two of them...
I was stupidly smiling after finishing this series. I just stared off into no where and smiled and giggled and all that stuff. It's just such a roller coaster ride of events and yes, the drama!--I watched it first and then, eventually, felt like reading the manga and both are utterly awesome! 

Whooo! Okay, Mizuki transfers into an all boys school because she wants to see Sano, a boy she admires that does high-jump. She conceals herself with a denim vest and be very conscious when she changes or anything else what so ever. All the other guys don't know that she is a girl so it's kept secretly through the whole series. Got the basics? 

Mizuki in the first place is a very wonderful main. There was once where I just wanted her to mind her own business but the way it got laid out, I couldn't stay mad at her for long. Sano in the drama is very gloomy and I didn't like him, but in the manga he was very sweet. There was also Nakatsu who was very funny, even though he thinks he's homo for liking Mizuki. I really grew to love him. Kayashima is this awesome character out of all with his sensing ghosts and spirits and auras. > _ < Mizuki is just surrounded with great, wonderful people that she can always go to for help so that was very wonderful. 

I really loved the slow moving romance so that both seem like the other doesn't really know what the other is feeling when they are feeling the same way! XD The drawing bugged me a little (that was one reason I didn't read this sooner) but I started not minding it at all. Yay for not caring! I also liked how there was sometimes a chapter to get to know a backstory of one of the side characters. 

I hope you have a chance to pick this series up or just click on the pink colored text above to direct you to the online manga scan site I read off because it's hilarious. Yes, that's just one word that should make you run off to read a manga. 

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P.S. I think the next manga review will be Bleach once I get started to reading it (so many chapters!) or whatever else. Just because I haven't have time to read any manga. :(


  1. I have heard of this one. I'm glad you like it. It looks cute.:)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! You should check it out. Maybe? I bet you won't cause there aren't that many hawt guys in here anywhos. XD

  2. Ohhhh...I haven't read the manga for this..but I am watching the korean show: To The Beautiful You and I like it so far! It's very cute...and I LOVE all the characters! Lovely Review! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair 

  3. I haven't read manga before but this sounds like a really cute and funny read. Great review Delaney. :)

    I followed you via GFC. :)

  4. I've read some of the chapters of the manga. But right now i'm watching the Korean drama and it's amaaazing!!! You should check it out.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

    1. I've only watched the Japanese drama. >__<


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