Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Food Love: Doughnuts

Maaaaybe it's just me but doughnut doesn't look right. Like those words that are spelled correctly but once you look at it too long it looks really misspelled or something. Ehh, oh well.

To begin with, here are the many different types of doughnuts and there are more, but yes, I won't be posting all of them. >:)

Ever since I was small I remember my mom used to work at a nail salon (she moved to a different one now) and afterwards we would go over to the shop and I would get a chocolate sprinkled one. Now, I've switched off to glazed but I really want to try the jelly filling one! Has any of you tried it yet?

(Okay, now it's getting very distracting and I am hungry right now so... THAT DOESN'T HELP DOUGHNUTS!!!!)

Food Love, 
it makes the world go around


  1. Loooooks so yummy :(
    You were lucky, getting doughnuts every time you visited your mum job ^^

  2. Love doughnuts! Now i'm craving for one.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  3. That is really, really mesmerizing ;> I feel a bit like Homer Simpson atm..*drool*

  4. Fun post again, Delaney!

    I LOVE DOUGHNUTS. I have one waiting to be eaten right now. LOL!

    Pam @ jellylovesbooks

  5. Gah I really want a doughnut now!!! My favourite are the plain ones with icing and sprinkles.

  6. Hi Delaney,

    Your post made me drool :) I need a coffee and doughnut right now.


  7. OMG doughnuts! I sooo want one now. Definitely a drool worthy post :)


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