Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Love: Cupcakes

DWAIT! I got into drumline again!!!!! But I got 3rd bass. :( Ha! Oh welly, I'm glad I got in. ^ _ ^ Aren't you so happy for me? (okay, yeah, you don't need to be, but I'm happy > . < )
*takes in a deep breath* Have you seriously just want to stare at cupcake pictures forever because even though most times they make the frosting too sweet for you, you still look at them and it seriously makes you want to eat one but the frosting's so sweet, you don't but still you get that craving and look at pictures to send that craving away, instead? *lets out air*

But, seriously look at this picture for those cupcake lovers out there:

Yeah, so I wouldn't mind a good cupcake or two. And at school, the only pastry them seem to bring at "special events" are cupcakes, so I guess I got used to the super sweet frosting. :P

What are some lovely cupcake pictures you just drool at?

Food Love,
it makes the world go around

P.S. I do not own any of these pictures.
P.P.S/ P.S.S./ P.P.S.S. If there is a yummy food you want me to talk about then teeeeellll meeee!!! :)


  1. Congrats on making drumline Delaney! And man I'm hungry all over again looking at that delicious cupcake picture!

    -Grace :)

  2. I love love love love cupcakes!! :D (sorry so random, but just looking at those pictures made me start viciously craving cupcakes, heehee)

  3. Delaney,

    Another drool worthy photo. I want a red velvet cupcake :D


  4. Foooood o.O

    They looks so yummy <3 Hahaha! Can't you please blog about caramel cake? I absolutely love caramel!! ^^


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