Monday, August 13, 2012

What Makes me Love a Book like Food/Sleeping

What makes an 'OMG NUTELLA!' of a story :
  • the story has to be different
    • why bother reading a story that is similar to most?
    • it also has to be interesting to start with
  • the characters have to AWESOME
    • main and secondary people totally rule the World of Literature!!!!
    • that speaks for itself
  • make me win it over
    • please, take me! 
    • take me!
      • and without any worries
Narrations that are wonderful :
  • different
  • original/fresh
  • steady pace
  • works with the story
    • ding! ding! Obviously! 
  • eases in at a fluid rhythm
  • descriptions 
    • it has to fit
    • not too much
      • not too little
  • wonderful dialogue
    • make me love the interaction
Girl traits that totally win me over :
  • bad-ass
  • smart
    • not only kick-ass 
      • but knows her stuff
  • quirky
    • make me love her dialogue
  • can speak for herself
  • stubborn
    • what's the fun without someone stubborn?
  • she learns and grows
    • my baby is all grown up now! XD
Guy traits that are swoon-worthy >/////< :
  • bad-ass
  • laid back
  • nerdy/geeky
    • who wants a cute nerdy tutor.... anyone? 
      • no takes?
        • I'm taking him!!!!
  • messy hair
  • lazy eyes 
    • not like high on drugs lazy eyes
  • blushes!!!
    • nothing wrong with being shy!
    • I think it's cute 
    • makes me love him more 
  • kind 
    • gives his jacket >.< 
    • sometimes gets jealous 
      • kawaii!!!
Secondary traits that make me want them to be main :
  • they're fun
    • the life of the party
      • that could be the one thing that wins me over 
Romance - what I love :
  • it's just a dash for enjoyment
  • it's totally sweet
  • not over the top and takes over the story 
    • big NO NO
  • the couple is wonderful
    • gotta love both 
    • mainly the guy
      • but the girl can be loved too

What is your favorite book and why?
Did you like the format of this post?


  1. Haha, that was awesome. You should totally send that to some authors, as they don't seem to get the memo.

    No, they shouldn't be as boring as a stick. And no, your book SHOULD NOT TRY TO BE A COPY OF THE HUNGER GAMES. :P

  2. Spot on Delaney!!! Honestly, I couldn't agree more :) And yes, I love the format of the post!! It looks super organized and clean!

    -Grace :)

  3. That is really brilliant actually..I could apply that to EVERY book I own that I love! :) Future editor mayhaps? :)

    1. I don't think I would be a good one. Hahaha. I would probably end up writing my own. Actually I want to write my own. I sound like an editor? Oh my. XD But thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  4. Aww you're just too cute to be true, Delaney! <3 This post totally rocks my Monday! ^w^ I just can't stop giggling when I read this post, and I agree: kickbutt heroine who is also smart is the best! And yeah, being stubborn rocks too! x) And aww... blushes!! <3 KAWAII!!! *fangirling*

    Love your post, Delaney! Kawaii beyond doubt! :3

  5. Ha ha! Funny. Like Nutella, eh? I like Nutella but too much of it makes me sick!

    1. It was the only thing I could think of! XD Still, i like Nutella. :)

  6. Aww I loved this. So many things I was nodding my head and agreeing with. Now whenever I read a book I really really loved I will think of it as an 'OMG Nutella!' story :)

  7. So many things in your breakdown are exactly what I need from a story too. My favorite book? Wow, that's a tough question! How to limit it to only one? On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta comes to mind though. It was freaking awesome. :)

  8. Great post! I agree with you about the swoon-worthy guy part! I love myself a geeky guy, since I'm a geek myself. :P Though I don't think I'll really like a guy who's the life of the party, since that'd mean he'd be popular, and really--isn't that cliched? :P

  9. Totally agreed with everything I hope you don't mind but can I post this on my blog, I will make sure you receive the credit for it

    1. Sure! Just remember to give credit. :)


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