Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sunday Times (1)

Hello and lovely Sunday to you! Welcome to The Sunday Times ~ Every Sunday Making Its Way~

I Read--Therefore I Am
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It's sunny and I borrowed last week:
  1. Love is the Higher LawDavid Levithan
  2. The Invention of Hugo CabretBrian Selznick
  3. ShineLauren Myracle
  4. The School for Dangerous GirlsEliot Schrefer
  5. Living Dead GirlElizabeth Scott
    • currently reading :)
  6. The Spell Book of Listen TaylorJacyln Moriarty
Giving away giveaways:
Oh the things you don't need to know:
-Well, there's the I.C. Sci-fi ending soon. 
-I got ice cream at my mom's work on Friday! Mine's the rainbow sherbet one while the strawberry cheesecake is my sister's. :)
Oh the innocence of ice cream.
Have a wonderful Sunday and I brilliant week! 


  1. Have a wonderful Sunday too! Ice cream!!! yummy! And I'm so going to read the review :D

  2. Pretty cute feature! I love it! Have a lovely Sunday Delaney!

  3. The rainbow sherbert: yummy! <3 Anyway, I can't wait to hear what you think of Living Dead Girl, Delaney! It's a nightmarish book for me, but I love it for its raw writing. I hope you're loving it too so far! <3

    LOVE this Sunday times! Somehow I have craving for ice cream right now... *runs to nearest mini market to buy ice cream*

    1. Hahaha thanks, Hilda! I just finished it yesterday and I really loved it. It was very weird in the beginning but I loved it in the end. :)


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