Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Food Love: Bread

It is totally honest that I didn't want to do Food Love this Wednesday because I wanted more people to see the Shout-Outs/News/Stuff (Your name might appear. Read on) post. But, I have changed my mind! Muhahaha! Yes, and I will be talking about carbs bread. And how it's totally unhealthy it's awesome.

Bread is a wondrous carb that is made of wheat and you can make sandwiches! Who doesn't like sandwiches! You can eat it with Nutella! (I did a post of Nutella here) And you can it with spaghetti or soup or salads. Or you can just stuff it with whatever you prefer. Yes, I think break can claim as awesome. 

Well, if you want to be healthy you pick Whole Wheat or ones with mysterious seeds on it. But feel free to pick one that you love, get some meat to stuff in there and there you go, something to enjoy already!

My dare to you today: eat bread alone. Seriously, its the best way to eat bread. <3

Food love, 
It makes the world go around


  1. Bread is amazing! Especially white bread (unfortunately my mom's super health councious so it's always whole wheat bread at our house) I love your food love posts, they're super awesome!

    -Grace :)

  2. I don't know what it is about bread that makes it so good. Seriously, it's kind of a guilty pleasure. Once I have a taste I can't stop!

    Plus, they come in all kinds of flavors. Sweet and Salty. Cinnamon or Jalapeno. Banana or Cheese. You get my point?

    Mmmmmmmmm, bread! Now I'm hungry.

  3. Yum, bread! <3 I usually eat my bread with coffee or tea, because I think it always tastes better with good drink hehe! Sometimes I eat whole wheat bread, because people around me always tell me to eat healthy food! I admit, I'm a bit careless when it comes too food. ;) (YUM... NUTELLA!)

    Lovely post, Delaney! You make me hungry now LOL! <3


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