Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wacky Weather in CA

Wacky weather in California is pretty much required. So if you're planning to, you better bring a variety of clothes, because it could change instantly. 

Like yesterday, it felt like 98F degrees and all sun shiny with all the heat and sweating without even moving a finger. Today, oh ho, it is cloudy, a little way cooler. Seriously! It could get frustrating! Also, I haven't the slightest clue to post of anything. 

So, how's your weather? Please tell me, because I hope California isn't the only one with craaaazy weather.



  1. Your state isn't the only one! I swear Texas is bi-polar, have lived in this state my whole life, so trust me when I say Texas has some pretty freaky weather patterns! Good luck with your weather.

  2. oh gosh, Chicago has been too sunshiny all month, I need your cold breeze! Hot and Humid, dissapointed in chicago...

  3. Thanks Josie and Lacey, it was crazy! It even started raining! But have some fun with the crazy weather going around ;) . Hoping it won't last around too long.


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