Saturday, July 28, 2012

The {Unknown} - Chapter 1

I have utterly nothing to post, so, I am sharing the first chapter of one of the three stories that I am writing. A little preview. Yay! You can tell me what you think--or not. Enjoy! :)


             My feet are dangling beneath me as I push myself on the swing with metal handles. Someone I didn't know was swinging right besides me. This is a dream. It has to be, because swings don't exist with metal anymore. It exists with ropes and flowers decorated into it spiraling on it. The person next to me has orange hair. It looks lighter than the color on an orange and his eyes were a grey color as if knowing something and someone beat an answer out of him and he's too scared to say anything now. He's scared and I don't understand why. This place is all I ever would have asked for. I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand...

             My eyes slowly open up as a voice shouts to me. I am floating miserably on the pool as a clock is ticking beneath me.
"M'lady!" the man shouts again as he runs toward the edge of the glistening pool, the moon shining onto it.  He waits until I'm at the edge with him, soaked in my clothes until he speaks again,"No more time for day-dreaming, your mother is asking for you to change and get ready for the ball. It's important to--"
"Yes, yes, it's important to understand your guests and to get to know them, I understand well the rules, Lian."
"Now, do you need help getting out of there?" he asked looking down and checking his pocket watch, his jet black hair tied into a tiny ponytail at the end.
"Just get the dress ready, will you please," I say.
"Of course," Lian bows and dashes off to tell the maids for preparation. 
I don't understand why we bother with those things. It's always the same boring people coming and saying the same boring things. I want to go explore in the Unknown Forest and past there. I grab hold of the edge and pull myself up. My clothes dripping with the water in the pool. I wonder how I got there in the first place. The towel was draped across the chair as I grabbed it and dried as much as I could.
"Her lady shouldn't be out at night time, should she?" a voice said in the far distance.
I turn to where I hear it and a boy around my age is stepping forward from the shadows. "Who's to tell what I can and can't do, hmm."
"You wouldn't want to get hurt and your mother worrying do you?" he says and I can finally see his face. His hair combed so very much for an occasion. His clothes the best of kinds I've ever seen. A small golden pin was right on top of his breast pocket. The pin showing a fancy scripted letter c.
"And who's for you to tell that my mother actually worries, what with her kingdom having enough for her to worry about, Mister?" I retorted.
"But if you were to die, do you not think she would forget about you, would she?" his eyes were clouded just like the boy while I was dreaming and his hair the same exact color.
"Oh? And who are you to know of my mother?"
"The incoming guest, please treat me well at my stay," he bows deeply.
"I'll see you at the occasion my mother put on, but I have to excuse that I need to get out of this wet outfit as well, move along, then."
"Hmm, interesting indeed," he mutters quietly before vanishing. 
Vanishing? That's something I thought I only could do. And not only that, birds replaced him. There was a colorful birds, mostly birds you find from the forest, flew out toward me. He must have the skills of teleportation if he has vanishing skills.
I grabbed my heels near the chair where the draped towel was and dash off toward the buildings encased with pillars. I ran up the stairs as each disappear after I step off them. They only sense who to give a path to. 
I slow down and entrance my room, a maid already leading me into a bath. I sink down into the tub before being pulled and put into a dress. One that was fit to my liking. Another maid was drying my silvery hair and fixing it into a bun and one side braid hanging down my shoulder. The dress was a dark emerald green color with a brown corset in the middle with shoulder drop straps. The bottom of the dress was puffy and lengthen to my knees, brown laced boots with heals added to my feet.
"Am I done yet, Jane?" I ask the maid fixing my hair, the others have left to help with the occasion.
"Stop fidgeting and you'll be done faster."
"Can't help it, I need to use the restroom," I lie.
"Hold on. And… now, okay you're free to go, but please don't mess up anything, now."
For the sake of her having to be though so many things with me I say truthfully," I promise."
"Hmmp," she says and glances at her clock. "You can't do anything now, you have to get down there and please don't stumble on anything. There will be quite a crowd to laugh at you if you do."
"Dang!" I say and then cuss silently.
"Don't cuss and don't pout. Now put on a smile and go work your magic."
"I did not cuss and I don't have any magic to work with."
"You got plenty and yes you did, off you go, if you try to convince this old lady, it's not going to work."
"Yeah, yeah, please prepare my nightly gown for me, will you, Jane?" I ask her turning back from the door now flapping like a page from a book.
"I know I shouldn't but, yes, it'll be there if you go or not," she bows and walk through the wall to her room.
"All right now!" I try to perk myself up as I go down the stairs as it reappears and disappears all the while. Lian was waiting for me at the end and handed me my cloak. I suddenly jerk but Lian caught hold of my wrist tightly.
"Your mother said you'll be riding there on carriage way," he says and lets go of my wrist. "Don't go off now."
"Yes, yes," I hung my head and silently climb into the carriage that looks like a giant teacup with the saucer and green vines climbing up to make the top. A giant valiant butterfly was underneath us and it started flapping.
"Now, you know how to act, so don't act so foolish, M'lady Avery," Lian started to say.
"I understand, so if you wouldn't mind, I would like to have a little rest before arriving. Save your breath for me, please."


  1. Wow, this chapter is really good delaney! I love the theme of it, its all formal like and i like the main character. Do i smell love interest? Haha, keep going delaney :)

    1. Thanks, Josie! Your comments are always wonderful. You keep writing as well! :)

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    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

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  3. I like this. Avery is somehow quite an enchanting character, although I couldn't yet say why. She's typically stubborn and tired of the same old things, wanting to explore what she doesn't know. I hope we get to hear more of the Unknown Forest, sounds like a place I'd like. :)

    There was only one thing I found strange. Not sure exactly about the family, but they sound like middle-upper or upper class, and their language is quite formal, generally. I didn't find Avery's use of the word 'Damn' strange because she seems to be a teenager, but it was really weird to hear her maid use the word 'cuss' instead of 'curse', 'badmouth', or basically an upper class word that means the same thing. Just saying. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good word, D.


    1. Thanks for the advice. I think your right of that part! Thanks for reading it, Star! :)


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