Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food Love: Ranch

Ranch dressing. If that word pops up it follows down to: Salad or carrots. You might know ranch as just a dressing. A bottle with white sauce in it.
What's the good of talking about Ranch Dressing? Well that leads to my next point in how I use the Ranch Dressing.

I dip it with pizza, with goldfish crackers, I eat it with pretzels, I do dip it for carrots.

So, my dare to you today:

Try getting ranch dressing and trying it with goldfish crackers (it's awesome), pretzels, try it with your pizza. Tell me how it taste like, because I've already tried it and I didn't throw up. Trust me, it tastes pretty epic.

Food Love,
It makes the world go around


  1. haha, I agree, ranch dressing is pretty amazing with a lot of stuff.
    I've had it with tomatoes and tuna and it was still pretty delicious.

    1. I've never tried it with tuna before! Maybe I should try that next. Hmmmm :|

  2. Oh my God, Ranch Dressing. <3 It's delicious with anything, really. We just haven't had time to stock up on it yet, so we're currently going without it for a while. D: Your post made me feel hungry... no matter how weird that dare was. ;D

  3. Hmmm... We don't have Ranch Dressing in Norway... So it's a little hard for me to try it out :/ But next year I will be travelling to USA and then I will buy it, if I find the Dressing! :D


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