Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Love: Ramen/Package noodles

Well, what do you know, it's Wednesday, already! That's approximately half the week has passed. Today I am talking about Ramen (A.K.A. package noodles). Yes that food that I eat when I don't want to eat anything else or if my mom doesn't cook anything. It's also very satisfyingly unhealthy.

Usually, I would go to an Korean supermarket, and since we live around some, it's also very convenient. They sell different types of Ramen and usually I like to get the Nong Shim kinds. But a Taiwan kind is fine as well. (just that they are delicious)

Exhibit A:

Satisfy and spicy. I don't really get this one anymore I get....

Exhibit B: 

This one. I like this one only because
I like fatter noodles (Yum^.^)

Exhibit C: 

my mom actually bought this one time
because the one she liked wasn't there
but this one is great, lemony, spicy, greatness

Deliousness and the easy cook of adding water and the ingredients into a pot and let boil then serve is all the more simplistic! Even someone like me who can't cook can cook this!

My sister would add boiled eggs or beef into the noodles just for something else to eat besides the noodles. But eating alone is fine, as well.  Seriously, this is one of my favorite foods.

Dare today with Ramen: Try different ramen packages. 
Have you a dare for me with ramen, today?

Food Love,
It makes the world go around 


  1. Thanks for that! Now I'm hungry.. *Goes to kitchen to make food*

    Haha, I envy you! We don't have such food :(

    1. Because Norway is sooo stupid and don't want to import good stuff :(

  2. Aahhh, nooodles, good old friend. I have Shin Ramyun most days. My faveourite!


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