Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food Love: Nutella

Food love will be something I'll do every Wednesday and I just though it would be fun to talk about food. 

So, today the food I'll be talking about is: Nutella.
For anyone who hasn't tried Nutella, haven't heard of Nutella, haven't seen Nutella, if you got a Walmart near you, just go in there and ask where Nutella would be. Because, if you're a chocolate lover, I think you would love Nutella.

Nutella is chocolate (if any of you are already wondering) and it comes in this cute little container that I love. And besides, it tastes good. That's all that matters, right?
perfect picture
Besides, you can eat with marshmallow. Just dip it right in there. Or spread it on brownies like a frosting for brownies. Or instead of chocolate bars for smores you use this instead. It's life saving!

My dare to you for nutella: Eat it with brownies. Or eat it like some people with peanut butter, take a spoon and scoop some eating it like that. 

Well? You got a dare for me for Nutella? I'll definitely try it and hope that I don't throw up if it's a nasty mix. 

Food love, 
it makes the world go around


  1. You are awesome for having a blog post on Nutella. Awesome.


  2. If you go to Costco (yes, I have an obsession with Costco), you can buy them in packs of two! ;)


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