Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Effects of Coffee (my version)

 "Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant."

I know many adults with flashy brief cases and works in a boring-ass office with stuck-up bosses caring around fancy mugs and staying up all night doing piles of work drink coffee. They need it, like it, or just want it. It helps you keep awake and gives you a boost of energy. Lots of people know that. Would you so believe if i said that if I drank coffee it makes me sleepy?

Yes, well, according to my experiments of drinking coffee from the well know store Starbucks, after drinking to half the medium sized cup, i begin to get sleepy and fuzzy and just need a nap. This is proven from two of the times I've drank coffee. 

This is Doctor T. telling people like me that I can't drink coffee because it makes me sleepy and not hyper or feeds as an energy boost. But many people drink coffee because of that and it actually works. Please don't take my word for it.

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