Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mockingbirds

by: Daisy Whitney
Pages: 332
Format: Hardcover
Year pub: 2010
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Some schools have honor codes.
Others have handbooks.
Themis Academy has the Mockingbirds.

Themis Academy is a quiet boarding school with an exceptional student body that the administration trusts to always behave the honorable way--the Themis Way. So when Alex is date raped during her junior year, she has two options: stay silent and hope someone helps her, or enlist the Mockingbirds--a secret society of students dedicated to righting the wrongs of their fellow peers.

In this honest, page-turning account of a teen girl's struggle to stand up for herself, debut author Daisy Whitney reminds readers that if you love something or someone--especially yourself--you fight for it.

What beats the Mockingbirds?

Daisy Whitney builds you this world at this academy named Themis Academy where it's the "perfect" ideal school you wouldn't be scared sending your child to. Because it's so "perfect", if there were any trouble of bullying, suicides, or drug-abuse, they would give the blind eye to it all and ignore it. Even if the student were to straight out say that they have a problem, the faculty wouldn't do anything. Even if that student would go to the extent of death. So, in this perfect-but-not-so-perfect Themis Academy there are this group called the Mockingbirds where those troubled kids come to seek help and justice against what was wrong. This book starts as how Alex got date-raped, even without knowing it, and seeking the help of the Mockingbirds.

Truly, I thought the Mockingbirds was just amazing, how Whitney thought of it is amazing, how it worked was amazing, what they did and how they did it was amazing. It truly was entertaining what they did. It kept me interested and I wanted to know what they would do next.

Martin kept the story light and humorous at some parts. I liked that about this book: That you aren't alone and when you do speak out, you're not the only one, many people are cheering you on. Alex, she just felt normal and she was enjoyable, didn't hate her for what she did, she did what she had, had the thoughts she had, and seemed Justice. Maia, seriously, if anyone where to be my lawyer, I would want her. T.S. and Casey, I loved their support, and the other supporters cheering on Alex in THE MOCKINGBIRDS.

Truly, wanting a book about Justice this one is the one here for you. Teaching you that if you strongly stand up for something well deserved standing up for, you get your Justice.

After finishing, I want to pick up the sequel! 

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