Thursday, April 26, 2012

I was Just Thinking...

**** People who Have Glasses Are Smart*****
(well, contacts and invisible glasses count to)

I told my friend (and he has glasses) that and he said no. He said I was smart and I didn't have glasses. Yeah, well, a hum, I'm not that smart, I'm pretty stupid (with Algebra 1 and Honors English classes). And my other friend had glasses and she skipped a grade and is younger than and she's smart. Look Einstein must've had contacts, because no genius goes out without their secret weapon: GLASSES. And then today my English teacher called out for anyone who was missing any assignments and guess what? He and my friend who skipped a grade and another girl in our table didn't have any missing assignments. Coincident? Unlikely. 

****Whatever I Say I get Heads Turned****

Through and through, I haven't stopped to realize that whenever I get hyper (all the time, pretty much) and do or say something weird, random stranger would give me a look, and walk away or continue doing what they were doing. And that counts in class too. 

----and now, into my childhood history----

There was this time, last year, I was at the mall I just suddenly did the move sprinklers and this one guy around 17 looked and chuckled and tapped to his friend to motion to look at what I was doing but I caught him seeing and stopped before his friend could see. I think that was my first time being embarrassed, and I did that by myself, so I was digging my own hole of embarrassment. But now that I tell that to people, it's actually something to laugh about. 

Also, when I told my friend (since she stole my apple juice) I was like, "Give me back my pee!" And this girl in the classroom, since we were having a party, looked and gave a face but then went on and ate her party food. 

----THE END----

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