Sunday, April 15, 2012

Emperor Mage (Immortals #3)

by: Tamora Pierce
Pages: 358
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Year pub: 2009
Publisher: Simon Pulse
In Tamora Pierce's third book in The Immortals series, Daine sails to Carthak as part of a peace treaty delegation from Tortall. While healing the Emperor's captive birds, Daine discovers a new and terrifying dimension of her wild magic: She can bring dead creatures back to life. What is she to do with such immense power? Finding out the answer nearly costs Daine her life.
FINALLY!!! A good book to blab about!!!This book is filled with AWESOMENESS!!!! Awesome characters, awesome scenery, awesome detail, awesome pacing, heck, awesome MAGIC!!!!! Seriously, if you haven't picked up the first book by now, I'm telling you now, GOOOOOO AND READ THEM!!!!!!!!! What, you're still here???? Come on, get your asses moving already. 

Third in the series and welcome to... BIRDS!!! Daine and her fellow members of Tortall travel to Carthak where she is to help with the Emperor Mage birds that he cherish. From there, is more than what Daine thinks should would have from old lady hag to bones to bird poop to all sorts of things.

Daine grew, a lot. And not by just eating with utensils and not with her hands. :) Her character development in Carthak with helping the birds was strong. She was independent and powerful. She knew what was right when it was right. And here magic gets grown too. She gets magic of reviving died things. Her relationship with Kaddar was actually very nice since Numair wasn't always around because he kept getting caught up with other things (Varice). Where did that sucker Varice go, anywho? Numair there was this little part where he punched, or sorta did, the Emperor and I was like "Whoa! That's so NOT him." His chemistry with Daine is hinting to something. Like "ehh, ehh, you know, you know". Yeah, I DON'T know so tell me!!! A development of some kind???? And, no I just can't wait to see how it goes in the next book. Kaddar, the prince, wore freaking eyeliner!!! He's manly enough for that and Pierce's description of jewels on him was so overloaded. He was nice and to Daine it was a mutual friendship but I mean if they were to be a couple (which I doubt) it would be nice. 

Tamora Pierce's description of Wild Magic is brilliant! I can definitely feel how she worked it. This series is a manual for all Wild Magic people so anybody who have Wild Magic this is the stuff. The stuff! Whenever Daine shape-shifted it pretty nice, it felt like you were the animal as well as she was. This series just sucks me into this world and is there a ticket or portal so I could go, please.  And, *tear, tear* it was wonderful. 

Now, tomorrow imma suck in the awesomeness and the dreadful ending tomorrow on the, the, the LAST BOOK!!! Something is wrong! These books are too short!!!!!! 

dialogues that I seriously laughed-out-loud at:
"Of course you do, sweetheart," Rikash said pleasantly. "Do you know how to use it?"
"Orzone, my precious, where are you?"

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